Youth Violence Revisited

12 months on for our first article on youth violence in 2017, we revisit this subject to assess if anything has changed.

Out of There Skin

Ian Wright charts the rise of black footballers from Viv Anderson’s England debut in 1978, revealing their stories as they challenged attitudes and triggered change.

Rocky and Wright: From Brockley To The Big Time

BT Sport Films presents the extraordinary story of how a young David Rocastle’s meteoric rise to stardom with Arsenal inspired boyhood friend Ian Wright to also achieve legendary status with the Gunners.

Unemployment amongst Young Black Men

Sol Campbell explored unemployment amongst young black men in a Panorama documentary ‘Jobs for the boys’. The main assertion was ‘Unemployment for young black men is twice as high as unemployment for young white men’.

Decline in the Black Community

The Black community problems never really bothered me until the riots in 2011. This led me to do some soul searching that resulted in an analysis of the Black community. I came up with a number of questions which I couldn’t answer.